Stalk Your Kinesthetic Longing


A couple of years ago Eric and I lingered at the top of a mountain in the Berkshires. It was a wild, beautiful clearing, animate with birds, insects, and foliage. Eric played his flute and I was called to an embodied meditation on a flat rock.


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The Body as Wild


“Nature has always provided and still provides the best template for human maturation.” 

~Bill Plotkin

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Vulnerability & Power


Recently a few peers in my community adopted a philosophy in which they condemn vulnerability, believing that it connotes ultimate disempowerment. Failing to recognize the deeper psychological and philosophical significances of the concept, they embrace a trite definition: vulnerable simply means susceptibility to harm. see more »

Challenging Vegans & Vegetarians


I don't see how we can sustain a vegan/ vegetarian superiority complex while countless humans across many thousands of societies receive their vital nutrition from meat and dairy, not to mention our forefathers and foremothers of millions of years who hunted for survival, critical nourishment and the organic, natural evolution of the human race.

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The Ultimate Untangling


We all have that place where we tend to get stuck.

It's the groove we fall into, our unconscious default place. We sink into it in our art-making, our teaching, our responses in communication. 

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Show Me the Benefits!


In our culture people want to see the "benefits" of their actions.  How is this practice helping me?   What is the quantitative measurement of benefit?  What are the clear signs in my life that prove that what I am doing is beneficial?  Maybe I see it in how my body looks, maybe I feel stronger, maybe my bank account has bigger numbers, maybe I am more successful at my job.

After 3 encounters last week with Zen teacher Sozukan Bob Brown, I felt guided to a different understanding of what and where are the benefits of meditation.

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On Constitution


We all have physiological tendencies-- be it from our genetics or our upbringing or our lifestyle or deeper past life imprints or injuries that left physical/emotional residual tension, scar tissue, muscular imbalance. In a sense these tendencies add together to create our "constitution" which somewhat dynamic, shifting based on our age, activities, how we live our lives in this physical existence of ourselves.

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The Spotlight


In the yoga scene today, there are certain teachers who are featured in the "spotlight."  They teach the busy 6pm Thursday night slot, or their picture is in the New York Times Magazine or on the cover of Yoga Journal, or they are considered by the public to be the best.  

What does it mean to be in the spotlight as a yoga teacher?  Does it mean to be the most popular teacher?  Does it mean to be the most respected or the most publicized or the most well-known?

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What is a Yoga School?


When I told a friend that I wanted to call End of Knowing a Yoga SCHOOL instead of "studio" or "center," she warned me that people might think that I am training yoga teachers.  She could be right, because perhaps it is the norm now for people to assume that a "yoga school" is a place where you learn to be a yoga teacher.  I thought that was so interesting.... It reveals to me something about the trend of yoga practitioners skipping the (major) step of development and maturation as practitioners before jumping into "teacher mode."

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